History of FNB

Our success is no secret. Since our founding in 1903, the First National Bank of Raymond has dedicated itself to our customers and communities.  Below you will find important milestones in our history that have led to our hundreds of years of total combined experience and commitment to excellence in all five of our locations.  


Take a stroll through history with the First National Bank of Raymond


The First National Bank of Raymond was formed on October 1 with a capital structure of $25,000. It was managed by:

  • William Cass, President
  • John Miller, Vice President
  • J.E. McDavid, Cashier
  • Joseph Cass, Assistant Cashier


A new, larger building eclipsed the footprint of the original structure.


The First National Bank purchased Raymond State Bank, the first bank in Raymond. It was established in 1881 by John Green, right where Sorrells Farm Supply sits today.


A new building graced the landscape at First National Bank’s 403 East Broad Street location.


The data processing center moved into a new building.

At the invitation of the directors and stockholders, the First National Bank of Raymond intervened to stop a hostile takeover attempt of the State Bank of Virden. The acquisition was completed in November, with the merger of their shareholders stock into Raymond Bancorp, Inc.


Local directors of the State Bank of Girard asked Raymond Bancorp, Inc. to buy the institution and keep daily operations under local ownership and control in August. The bank previously was owned by out-of-state interests.


The Pawnee Banking Center was established on November 2.


The State Bank of Girard and the State Bank of Virden were consolidated into the First National Bank of Raymond on October 1. This resulted in greater operational efficiencies across the entire organization.


December was a busy month. The Morrisonville Banking Center was established, and the Girard branch moved from its downtown location to a new building on Route 4.

Present Day

Today, holding company Raymond Bancorp, Inc. operates five First National Bank of Raymond (FNB) locations. Find us in Raymond, Virden, Girard, Pawnee and Morrisonville. The bank continues to be a major financial institution in its market area with a strong focus on agriculture. It’s grown to approximately $150 million, and considered to be well capitalized by its regulators.

Past Presidents

  • William Cass
  • Syrus Fitzgerald
  • "J.E." Emmett McDavid
  • Clarence McNaughton
  • Delbert "D.D." Cox
  • Raymond "Jiggs" Hough
  • William Lykins
  • David E. Mills
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