Schedule of Fees



ATM Transaction Fee (ATMs owned by other institutions)


Replace Debit/ATM Card


Check Printing

Dependent on check style & type of account

Cashier’s Check


Overdraft Fee

$30.00 per item

Continued Overdraft Fee (in existence for seven days)


Deposited Item Returned Fee


Stop Payment Item Fee


Wire Transfers – Outgoing


Wire Transfers – Incoming


License Sticker


Coupon Collections

$5.00 per envelope

Archival Copies

$5.00 per page

Account Research/Reconciliation

$25.00 per hour/$25.00 minimum

Transcript Statement



.20¢ per page

Fax Services

$2.00 per page


$60.00 per occurrence



Night Deposit Lock Bag


Safe Deposit Box Rental





Various sizes are available to rent.
Please contact us for more information.

Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement (requires reissue of 2 new keys)


Safe Deposit Box Closed with Only 1 Key


Safe Deposit Box Drilling

$25.00 + Locksmith Fee

Check Cashing for Non-Customers


Loose Coin Counting for Non-Customers

5% of Total

Inactive Account (applies to checking and savings accounts that have been inactive for 24 months)


Account closed within 90 days of opening


First Club Members receive ½ off the service fee for photocopies, cashier’s checks, stop payments and license stickers; as well as a discount on the rental price for safe deposit boxes.

For additional information on our banking services and fees, contact 217-229-3701.

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