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For a community bank to be successful, it must offer loan products that are as diversified as the customers it serves. At FNB, we are proud to assist people from all walks of life with their lending needs. Our customers range from local farmers, business owners and their employees to people that commute daily to their jobs in a larger city.


FNB customers know that they can count on us for anything: From a new piece of equipment for their business to a new car to make their daily commute.

We offer the following loans:

Personal Loans

Contact: Scott Niehaus, Dottie DambacherStephanie Richeson or Neil Jordan

The loan officers at FNB understand that, from time to time, a person may simply need some cash to help them through their daily lives. Whether you need money for a family vacation or an unexpected bill, FNB can offer you a financing plan that fits your needs and your budget.

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Auto Loans

Contact: Scott Niehaus, Dottie DambacherStephanie Richeson or Neil Jordan

Almost everyone must borrow for a car at some point in their lives. Whether it's a new car or just new to you, FNB can help with the financing. Terms are offered up to five years with monthly payments. Rates vary based on the term of the loan and year of the car.

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Residential Real Estate Loans

Contact: Stephanie Richeson or Dottie Dambacher 

There is nothing like the feeling of owning a home. Through the years, FNB has helped many people purchase, build or refinance their homes. Our lending team can discuss the right loan products to meet your needs, including Fixed Rate Home Loans with local servicing. One of our lending specialists will be there for you if there is ever a question or concern.

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Home Equity Loans

Contact: Stephanie Richeson or Dottie Dambacher 

You’ve worked hard to build up equity in your home. Now you can use that equity as a credit resource to secure your personal revolving line of credit. Upon approval, your Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) from First National Bank may give you the financial flexibility to:

  • Consolidate your bills or credit card debt
  • Make improvements to the interior or exterior of your home
  • Finance your holiday purchases
  • Assist with your child’s higher education expenses, or expand your own education and career opportunities
  • Plan the vacation of your dreams

*Interest on your loan may be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor for your individual circumstances.

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Here is a complete listing of FNB Mortgage Loan Officers:

Agricultural Loans

Contact: Neil Jordan or Scott Niehaus 

FNB is quite proud of its large Agricultural based loan portfolio. We have established an excellent reputation as an Agricultural lender, and have attracted customers from many of our neighboring communities. FNB has sought out loan officers with a strong Ag background to better serve this segment of our customer base. We consider ourselves to be one of the leaders in our area of this highly competitive market. We offer all types of farm lending, including operating, livestock and equipment loans. FNB is also very competitive in the area of farm real estate. Our loan officers understand that loan terms and payment schedules must be flexible so that each individual can operate their farm the way it best works for them. This is where our agricultural experience really pays off for our customers, as they appreciate dealing with someone who understands farming.

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Beginning Farmer Loans

Contact: Neil Jordan or Scott Niehaus

FNB works in conjunction with State and Federal agencies to offer beginning farmers a competitive loan package for their first farm real estate purchase. These programs provide reduced interest rates and down payment requirements when compared to conventional loans.

Business and Commercial Loans

Contact: Scott Niehaus or Neil Jordan 

At FNB, we understand how important it is to keep businesses alive in our local communities. These businesses are not only an important part of our customer base, but they also provide convenience and job opportunities for all the people who live in our communities.

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FNB works hard to meet the needs of the small business by offering a wide range of loans.

With our loans you can:

  • Purchase Buildings
  • Purchase Equipment
  • Operating Loans
  • Floor Plans

Whether you wish to start a new business or expand an existing one, FNB can help you achieve your goals with a financing plan that works for you.

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Municipal Loans

Contact: Scott Niehaus or Neil Jordan 

FNB is also experienced in lending to municipalities. We have assisted several area villages, cities and townships with a variety of loan products. These include financing for large and small equipment, building or improving facilities, and special projects -- such as sewer or water supply improvements. As a community bank, FNB recognizes the importance of helping the local communities to accomplish their goals.

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E-Z Credit Overdraft Line of Credit

Contact: Scott Niehaus, Dottie Dambacher, Stephanie Richeson or Neil Jordan

Let your good credit work for you, apply for E-Z Credit today! With E-Z Credit, your checking account will become a personal loan account whenever you need it. Know the freedom of having a reserve at your command and avoid costly overdraft charges. 

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