Schedule of Fees

Fees are effective as of 12/1/2010.

Check printing (fee depends on style of check and type of account)
Cashier's checks $4 per check
Overdraft (each debit or check paid or returned) $30
Continued overdraft (in existance for seven days) $30
Deposited checks and other items returned unpaid $4.50
Stop payments (all items) $30
Wire transfers (outgoing) $30
Wire transfers (incoming) $10
License stickers $7.00
Coupon collections $5 envelope
Archival copies $5 per page
Account research/reconciliation $25 per hour/$25 minimum
Transcript statements $5
Photocopies .20¢ per page
Fax services (incoming and outgoing) $2 per page
Garnishments/levies (each occurance) $60
Collections (incoming and outgoing) $25
Night deposit bags (locked) $25
Safe deposit box rental:  
     - Various sizes are available and rent varies according to size. First Club members
        receive a discount on safe deposit boxes. Please contact us for more information.
     - Key replacement $10 per key
     - Box drillling Locksmith fee plus $25
Check cashing for noncustomers $10
Loose coin counting for noncustomers 5% of total
Inactive Account $5
     -Applies to checking and savings accounts that have been inactive for 24 months  
Account closed within 90 days of opening $25

First Club members received 1/2 off the service fee for photocopies, cashier's checks, stop payments and license stickers.

For additional information on our banking services and fees, contact 217-229-3701.